How to check Status of the Complaint?
  • Enter File Number in the Text Box and click Go Button. File Number is the number given by the Commission after registering your complaint in the Commission.
  • If your File Number is correct, you will get the information/status of that complaint.
  • If your File Number is not valid, you will get the window with error message "File Number: < File_Number > is not with public Database". Close that window and verify file number from your records and also check, whether your file number is entered correctly by you. Enter your file number correctly and try again. If still you are getting same error message, it means that your file number is not valid. In that case, you may go for Advance Search Option.
  • Advance Search Option is used when you don't know or sure about the file number of your complaint. Click the Advance Search link next to Display Button. you will get new window which are having several fields e.g. File Number, Diary Number, Complainant's Name, Victim's Name, Incident Date, Place. Enter one or more than one field(s) and press the Search Button. You will get list of cases with file number, complainant's name and Victim's name which are similar to your search field's entered by you, e.g. if you enter complainants name 'ram'. In this case, result will include the list of all the cases in which complainant's name includes 'ram' (at the start, at the end or in the middle). Check all the cases and find out one, which is closer to your complaint. Click the File number and you will get the information/status of that complaint.